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Personal Training

Revamp Fitness led by Daniel Finkelstein aids in creating a better, happier and more confident version of yourself. Whether you are a young aspiring athlete or an adult looking to enhance your quality of life, we are dedicated to your transformation with a comprehensive approach. 

Training systems catered to your needs combined with the leadership, support and accountability needed for you to accomplish goals; Individual, Group and Virtual Training at affordable rates and unmatched attention to detail.

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Erase Sedentary Lifestyle
Transform Your Body
Build & Maintain Optimal Habits
Enhance Your Quality Of Life
Develop Strength, Speed & Power
Build The Best Version Of Yourself
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"Where The Burns Of Your Workout Take You To Your Goals"
-Revamp Fitness

Personal Training

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Individual & Group Training

Offering outdoor sessions and in home training to individuals and groups of all ages. We will go over your needs and goals and set forth a plan to accomplish them as efficiently as possible.

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Take advantage of the virtual training option we offer! 

Train from the comfort of your home and stay consistent with your training package.


Starting with a proper consultation, we will go over your goals, set timelines and achieve the best results!

Adopt optimal weight loss methods, build stamina, muscle, beginning to sculpt and tone your body.

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Sports Specific Training

Regardless of your age, Revamp Fitness offers high-level sports specific training. 

Basketball, soccer and volleyball training that will enhance skill sets while simultaneously improving athletic abilities.

Strength | Power | Speed Training

Build the critical components of optimal performance with top-tier methods of strength, power and speed development. 

We utilize a variety of methods based on your current fitness level and progress you with proper form and technique!

Nutrition Programming

Complete nutritional guidance to compliment the training sessions you will receive will maximize your full potential and allow you to reach your goals more efficiently.

Gain the proper insight and establish the habits needed to transform yourself.